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Stop Your Sugar Cravings,
Lose Weight & Get Healthy With Hypnosis?

As a Clinical Hypnotherapist & Certified Wellness Coach, let me help you eliminate your sugar cravings and take back control of your eating with hypnosis. Transform your health with guided hypnotherapy programs and powerful self hypnosis audio sessions.

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Mindful Eating: 7 Steps to Finally Stop Overeating

This FREE guide is the perfect tool to help you take back control, loose weight and start eating more mindfully.

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Ready to Curb Your Cravings & Regain Control Over Your Eating?

I'm Jayne, and as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Certified Wellness Coach and wellbeing expert, I’m here to help you understand and change your behaviour around processed food and sugar. Through guided hypnotherapy programs and self hypnosis audio sessions, I'm here to help you stop the sugar cravings and regain control over the food you eat, so you can loose weight, regain your energy - and live more!

Perhaps you've tried to quit sugar before and had some small successes, but you still find yourself being a slave to your sugar cravings? Do you wake up in the morning and tell yourself that today is the day you'll quit sugar and stop the snacking - only to find yourself back in the sugar later in the day? The only smart way forward is to shift your focus on the long-term, and not on some crazy exercise or diet program, or a restrictive 10, 21 or 30 day detox plan.

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Mindful Eating Guide + Workbook

Your guide to take back control, loose weight and start eating more mindfully.

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A powerful hypnosis audio to energise you when you are feeling tired and exhausted.

Your introduction to baking delicious and healthy snacks free from sugar and flour. 

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How Does Hypnosis Help You Leave Sugar Behind?

feel calmer & less worry

make healthier choices

control emotional eating

Hypnosis allows you to manage your stress, feel calmer, and experience less worry about your weight and sugar. You'll finally get off the 'food guilt' cycle you've been riding.

You'll find that it becomes easier to resist the appeal of sugar and make healthier choices. You'll find yourself applying strategies to control what you eat in a sustainable way.

The connection to sugar is not just psychologically addictive, it is emotionally addictive too. Hypnosis works by rewiring the emotional connection you have with sugar and food. 

Stop cravings & Snacking

Hypnotherapy allows you to directly access your subconscious mind. It is here that you can change outdated behaviours around food, cravings and snacking.

hypnosis creates powerful lasting change

How Does Hypnosis Help You Leave Sugar Behind?





Effective & FAST

doesn't rely on willpower

Hypnotherapy is the most effective, safe and relaxing way to reach the alpha and theta brainwave states. It's here where you have the ability to change outdated behaviors.

Willpower along isn't enough to cure your sugar addiction, if it was quitting would be simple. Sugar and food cravings are rooted deep in your subconscious mind.



Ever since my sessions with Jayne I've slept better, have eaten healthier, set more boundaries with work and made more time for myself. I feel like a new person with a new lightness that I've never felt before!

Katherine L, Sydney Australia